If I were the night, I would run into your arms and embrace the Sun.

If I lost my light, falling apart I’d nestle deep down into your dark.

"Eventually soulmates meet, for they have the same hiding place."
– (via lifelooks)

(via lifelooks)

I hate how you changed me, I hate what it was that you did
I loathe how you crushed me, into the hateful words you posed
I despise how your ignorance, grows wider into my belly
I’d never once felt this red hot brew, bubbling in my gut.
It burns under the skin of my flesh, it yearns for justice told
I squirm in this youthful suit, clawing at my wisdom old
My mouth is wide my eyes are tight my talons are at the ready,
Step closer once, kiss me twice, holding on, now steady.

I would like to go travel somewhere new now, spend some time on my own for a bit. I feel like I need a deep conversation with the space between myself and existence.

Feeling alone, with no arm around my shoulders.
Feeling drained, without you fighting to renew me.
All it was I gave, to leave a space there to be filled.
An exchange,
The exchange of a heartbeat.

"Turning you on turns me on."
– (via lacinant)

(via l4mbie)